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Coastal Hazards Research Collaboratory

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Coastal Hazards Research Collaboratory (CHARCOL)

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

MATLAB toolboxes for coastal engineering

DIWASP : MATLAB functions for the estimation of directional wave spectra from field data.

MACE : MATLAB toolbox for coastal engineers and researchers.

OCEANLYZ : Ocean wave analyzing toolbox for field data analysis.

SeaGrid : Orthogonal grid maker for MATLAB.

SEA-MAT : USGS MATLAB tools for oceanographic analysis.

WAFO : MATLAB routines for statistical analysis and simulation of random waves and loads.

WAVES : Set of MATLAB routines processes data from pressure sensors.

Coastal engineering models

ANUGA : Open Source Hydrodynamic-Hydraulic Modeling.

ADCIRC : Coastal circulation and storm surge model.

Delft3D : 3D modeling suite to investigate hydrodynamics, sediment transport and morphology.

DualSPHysics : Smoothed particle hydrodynamics model based on SPHysics.

ECOMSED : Three dimensional hydrodynamic and sediment transport computer code.

ELCIRC : Unstructured-grid model designed for the effective simulation of 3D baroclinic circulation.

FUNWAVE : Phase-resolving, time-stepping Boussinesq model for ocean surface wave propagation.

FVCOM : Prognostic, finite-volume, free-surface, 3-D coastal ocean circulation model.

GPUSPH : Implementation of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for free surface flows.

LTRANS : Off-line particle-tracking model that runs with predictions of a 3D hydrodynamic model.

NearCoM : Model for nearshore wave, circulation and sediment processes.

POM : The Princeton ocean model.

REF/DIF : Phase-resolving parabolic model for ocean surface wave propagation.

ROMS : The Regional Ocean Modeling System.

SELFE : Open-source modelling system, for simulation of 3D baroclinic circulation.

SLOSH : numerical model from National Weather Service to estimate storm surge heights.

SPHysics : Platform of smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) codes.

STSWM : Spectral transform shallow water model.

STWAVE : Model for nearshore wind-wave growth and propagation.

SWAN : Third generation wave model.

SWASH : Numerical tool for simulating non-hydrostatic, free-surface, rotational flows.

WAVEWATCH III : third generation wave model developed at NOAA/NCEP.

XBeach : Two-dimensional model for wave propagation.

Coastal engineering software

CEDAS : Coastal engineering design and analysis system.

DSAS : USGS computer software for calculating shoreline change.

OpenFOAM : Free and open source CFD software package.

Vdatum : Convert data from different horizontal/vertical references into a common system